What should I wear?

Muted solid colors work nicely. Your attire should be comfortable, flattering, and neutral, not competing with your face, the focus of the image. Wear clothing that will accentuate rather than over-sized or baggy items. In most cases it’s best to avoid printed tees, bold patterns, stripes and logos. Colors that complement your eyes can be very effective as well. Back ground colors and textures may also inform clothing selection.

Of course, your profession or personal branding goals may dictate alternative choices which we’ll thoroughly review with you prior to your session.

How should I prepare for my session?

Pack extra clothing options (more than you think you’ll need), personal grooming tools, chapstick, eyedrops, hairspray, make-up, accessories, hat, something uniquely you! 

Get a good nights sleep the night before. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin… it keeps your skin glowing. Be sure to eat just enough healthy food to stay awake and energized. 

Hair and make-up should be completed before your session time begins. Hair and make-up professionals are available at an additional cost and must be booked in advance.

What are your thoughts on retouching photos?

We are fairly conservative when it comes to retouching unless requested otherwise. A basic edit might include taming flyaway hair, removing a pimple or a spot on a shirt. Some clients prefer a more thorough advanced edit which we are equipped to accommodate as well. Please share with us your retouching needs when you book your session so that we can address your individual needs and preferences.

What days/times are you available?

We do our best to accommodate our clients schedules 24/7. Sunrise and Sunset can make for a gorgeous back ground. Weekdays during standard U.S. business hours are routine while weekends and non-business hours are at a premium. 

When is payment due and how can I pay?

A retainer is required at time of booking to hold your date. For individuals, depending on your unique package, any balance will be paid in full prior shooting. Corporate clients will have a schedule. See Payment Options for additional details.

Are you Licensed & Insured?

We take our business seriously and are fully licensed and insured. We would be happy to provide your venue with an insurance certificate upon request. We are Part 107 certified as well should you require aerial photography or cinematography.

Do you travel? 

Passports are up to date. We’ve been privileged to travel coast to coast as well as abroad. Yes, we will leave our backyard for the right assignment. 

I hate having my picture taken but I need to have my picture taken. Can you help me?

You are far from alone and Yes, we will guide you every step of the way, getting you out of your head and back to the natural you that’s right there when no cameras are around. We are easy going, no pressure, providing direction, comfort, and perhaps with your favorite music playing in the back ground even. There is a great picture of you just waiting to happen and guiding you to it is what we love to do.