Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Photography

Q: How many photographers do you have?

A: It depends upon the project, generally one photographer is plenty, some projects require an assistant (to help with setting up, lighting, and/or positioning subjects in the photograph) and for other projects two photographers have been needed. Always bear in mind however that the idea is quality not quantity.


Q: How big is the team you work with?

A: This will depend upon the shoot we are being asked to carry out but generally speaking on the day it would be the photographer and one assistant.


Q: Will you hold a shoot date while we decide?

A: Yes. Complete the appropriate form and a shooting date will be held, however please note that if you cancel within two-weeks of any confirmed date, we will charge a half-day fee for each day canceled. If you cancel within one week of a scheduled day, we will charge a full-day fee for each day canceled.


Q: Are you insured?

A: Absolutely, among other key aspects we have public liability insurance for one-million dollars.


Q: Do you shoot with film or digital cameras?

A: Digital only and we use professional Canon digital SLR bodies, Canon professional speedlights and Canon L-series lenses. These are Canon’s finest professional lenses. We have back-ups of every piece of camera equipment. I process all of my photographs on current Macintosh computers using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and other professional photography software. We invest regularly to stay current on camera equipment, computer equipment/software and education to insure you receive very high quality photographs.


Q: How much time should we allow for planning a shoot?

A: Commercial projects are like snowflakes, not one is alike and so the planning for a project should be considered the most important part of the project and we cannot tell you exactly how much time it would take to plan a shoot b/c they all (like snowflakes) are different. As the photographers for your project, we will work with you to provide you to accomplish the goals you’ve set for us and provide an estimate of how long it would take to complete the project.


Q: Do we get every single photo that you take on the day?

A: Typically yes, we do delete ineffective images on the day where we may have tested the exposure in a difficult lighting environment or when a person has clearly blinked in the shot.


Q: Do you shoot RAW or JPEG?



Q: Do you provide us with high resolution digital files of every photograph?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you store/archive the digital files?

A: Yes. Every digital file/photograph we ever take is archived onto external hard-drives.


Q: Do you include prints?

A: Only if requested, we generally provide the digital files via Dropbox.


Q: Are you able to tailor a shoot to suit our needs?

A: Absolutely, just let us know what you are looking for and we will put together something to suit you specific needs.


Q: When can we expect to get our photos?

A: We require 2-3 weeks or less of editing time but in cases where special requests are made turnaround times can be more. Again, depending upon your needs turnaround times will vary.


Q: How do we book?

A: Simply sign and date the contact and pay the agreed deposit.


Q: Should we provide you with a meal during a shoot?

A: It’s definitely not frowned upon but in most cases we can handle lunch on our own.


Q: Do you supply videography services?

A: No, we specialize in photography but we have a few clients we work with regularly that we can confidently recommend.



I am fully insured and would be happy to provide your venue with an insurance certificate upon request.




I use the most current up to date professional Nikon photographic equipment.  It covers a range of lenses and additional equipment that will carry your wedding to ultimate creativity.  Don’t forget those backups too, I have an assortment of professional grade equipment to ensure that we capture your day regardless!



Insuring that your images will be kept for a lifetime is very important and my system is simple.  Back-up, back-up, back-up.  I have a series of RAID systems that backup your documentation 3 times.  I even have a off-site solution so in the event of a life changing event, they will be safe.



Do you travel? 



I hate having my picture taken but I need to have my picture taken. Can you help me?

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, You can pay with Cash, Check, Credit Card, or PayPal.



Are You Insured?

Yes, I have a $1 million liability policy that we can provide to your wedding venue.